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Travel Trailer Cover Information

RV trailer covers are great for RV storage and protecting your investment. If you're looking for the best possible protection for your travel trailer RV there is no better solution than travel trailer covers from RV Cover Kingdom. Our travel trailer covers will encapsulate your RV, offering protection from wind, rain, snow, direct sunlight, U.V. rays and other dangers to your RV. Not to be forgotten when storing your RV is the ever-present concern of pest damage, and our travel trailer cover models will help to protect your RV from the unsightly and costly damages caused by pest infestation.

With multiple product lines to choose from, RV Cover Kingdom makes selecting the right travel trailer cover for your RV an easy process. Our Expedition Fabric travel trailer covers offer great value, made of a poly-propylene material that provides water and U.V. resistance and a universal fit. The Deluxe PolyPro III Fabric model is constructed from a deluxe poly-propylene material, which also also offers water and U.V. resistance and a universal fit. Our GoldLine Fabric models are made from a premium, extra strength PolyX material, providing a semi-custom fit while also offering water and U.V. resistance. The Expedition Fabric and Deluxe PolyPro III Fabric models have 3-year warranties, while the GoldLine Fabric model comes with an increased 5-year warranty.

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